Catalytic Cleaner

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Catalytic Converter Cleaner Is Specially Formulated to clean both the exhaust and the fuel system. It Effectively Cleans Deposits In Intake Valve, Oxygen sensor and EGR Valve, Breaks Up Clogs In The Catalytic Converter And Reduces Exhaust Emissions And Quickly Dissolves Resin, Gum, Carbon And Similar Deposits In The Catalytic Converter, Fuel System And Lamda Sensor.

A blocked or poorly maintained catalytic converter is not environmentally or pocket friendly!
It results in increased fuel costs and drastically reduce power and performance.


-Removes Carbon Deposits

-Reduces Toxic Gas & Co2 Emissions

-Restores Lost Horse Power & Increases Fuel efficioncy

-Concentrated Formula

-Cleans Deposits And Combustion Chambers

-Cleans Fuel System, Injectors, Combustion Chamber, Pistons & Valves

-Prevents Rotten Egg Smell

-Reduces Fuel System To Like New Conditions

-Safe For Catalytic Converters