About Us

About Us

Qx7 is a name that is spontaneously unique with the company supplying the very best in effective engine treatments. Our products are used on a regular basis by over 6,000 garages and 11,000 shops in the UK and are striving to prolong that. All of our range is a new generation professional automotive maintenance range that combines exclusive advanced formulas, making us unique form competitors!

Qx7 have over 10 years worth of experience in the UK helping and advising garages on how to make a noticeable difference to a car’s performance and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Our Customer Service

We Strive For The Best Customer Service Ever. We will guide you along the way if you need any help and guide you through any problems your having. We have a good management structure and we will strive to getting your problem solved/fixed as quick as possible. Our polite staff will be more than happy to help.


We have 10 years experience in the UK.

Our Products

All of our products look amazing with a variety of colours throughout the range. Not only do they look amazing but they also work effectively and will not let a customer down. Our products are not expensive and are properly priced.

"Right Products, Right Price"


We have had positive feedback from selling our products all over the world. Our customers love our products and always say positive things about them. We have had no complaints about our products and we strive to prolong that.

Our Team

    Jessica Priston

     Edna Barton

      Sam Kromstain

Julie Herzigova

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